Swiss Obesity Academy

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Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We are proud to present our brand-new educational webinar series:

SWISS OBESITY ACADEMY, featured by the Swiss Society for the Study of morbid Obesity and metabolic disorders

This educational event will be held 4x/year, to cover basic educational goals for all obesity-related specialists.
It will host keynote speakers from Switzerland and abroad, updates on international guidelines, discussions
of complex bariatric cases, and state-of-the art information on the multidisciplinary management of obesity.
Our live, online course series is free of charge, accessible to all SMOB and non-SMOB healthcare workers
interested in obesity management.

The 1st Swiss Obesity Academy Webinar, entitled GASTROESOPHAGEAL REFLUX AND OBESITY will take place on

Thursday 28th September 2023, from 6pm to 7pm

Program details:
Reflux in a patient with obesity; which surgical management? (Prof. C. Gronnier, Upper GI- Bariatric Surgeon, CHU Bordeaux, France)
Reflux management in obese patients from a nutritional point of view (Corinne Gerber Ernährungsberaterin BSc, BFH, SVDE, Zentrum für bariatrische Chirurgie Bern)
A challenging case in a patient with severe obesity and large hiatal hernia (Dr Francesco Abboretti, Fellow in General and Bariatric Surgery, Yverdon Hospital EHNV/CHUV)

This event is granted the following educational credits:
Swiss Society of Surgery (SGC): 1 credit
Swiss Society of Endocrinology and Diabetology (SGED-SSED): 1 credit
Swiss Society of Registered Dieticians (SVDE-ASDD): 1credit

You are all invited to attend and contribute to these interactive events, of high educational and practical value.
For further details and program updates, check out the SMOB website

Looking forward to seeing you in the Swiss Obesity Academy!

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