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Datum (von)22.10.2020
Datum (bis)22.10.2020
Zeit (von)09:15
Zeit (bis)18:30
VeranstalterBettina Willi - Verantwortliche Person
VeranstaltungsortKanzleistrasse 17
Zurich 8004
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Dealing with Psychosomatic Disorders in Nutrition-Psychological Counseling

Today, with increasing pressure to perform, fears of existence and various other environmental influences, psychosomatic complaints are on the increase. This is also increasingly evident in nutritional counseling. Stress-related insomnia, nervousness, anxiety, fatigue and the resulting functional and organic disorders in the digestive tract are a common picture in counseling. In particular, there is a complicated interaction between the emotional state of a person and his digestive nerves. Crisis situations such as an impending difficult trial, unemployment or death of a relative strike most people "on the stomach" or lead to diarrhea or constipation. Even more sensitive patients with an IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) respond to such pressures.

In this training, we take a holistic view of psychosomatic medicine in conjunction with the nutrition-psychological and body-centered approach IKP as well as the most common disorders that we encounter in nutritional counseling. Body, mind and soul always form a unity as a whole, which interact and can not be separated. We devote ourselves to this fine interweaving of body and mind and trace the biochemical balance of the body. At the same time, practice-oriented options for action will be developed in this training program, which support the psychosomatic healing process in counseling in a helpful, meaningful and holistic way.

This training is suitable for professionals with consulting experience in the nutritional-psychological and body-centered context. Questions from the consulting practice as well as case studies are very welcome.

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